8.11.19. Ireland. Visit to former Traveller stopping places outside Dublin, including in Kildare & Offaly. ©Photo by Derek Speirs   (Additional caption information available from Pavee Point Traveller & Roma Centre)

Pavee Road Homes StoryMapping Project

Throughout this project there is audio available to go with the StoryMaps. 


StoryMap 1

Michael’s Family Tree – Stories of Michael Collins’ family and a journey through generations and from the West of Ireland to Dublin.

StoryMap 2

Edenderry Oral Histories Map – Traditional Stopping Places & Stories

We found out through our research that older Travellers  remembered the exact locations of routes and stopping places from when they travelled the road. A group of us went down to Offaly on a bus with no maps and located 20 different places on one particular route they travelled.

About the Project – Read more about how we carried out the project and who we worked with.

For any further information about the project email info@pavee.ie. 

Introduction to Pavee Roads Home

My name is Martin Reilly and I’d like to thank you for taking the time to look at our project, Pavee Roads Home. This project developed from a discussion among a group of young Traveller men about culture, identity, mental health and the changing role of a Traveller man.

It’s important as Travellers we are able to celebrate and feel proud of our culture. Sadly, today a lot of Travellers feel the need to hide who they are due to the high level of racism and discrimination we face.

Developing Pavee Roads Home was our way of discovering our past and rewriting an important part of Irish history which includes the rich contribution Travellers have made to our shared history.

We relied heavily on the great oral tradition Travellers have, and our great skill of storytelling. If we don’t document these important stories of tradition, culture and a way of life it may get lost for future generations.

After we did our research, we developed the two StoryMaps here with our friends in the Dept. of Geography at Maynooth University with their MA Spatial Justice students and staff. A special thanks to Sasha Brown who trained us on the software and made the final polishing touches.

We hope your journey through these StoryMaps allows you to capture the essence of our project Pavee Roads Home.

-Martin Reilly, Men’s Health Team, Pavee Point Traveller & Roma Centre